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Marc Cireno

You realize that it says in the fine print: "a gay poncho"? Truer words have never been spoken and I am LIVING for one.

Miss Cathy find that K-tel Knitter and make me a gay poncho, please!

Old Round

I always wanted that bottle cutter and probably a bunch of other K-Tel products...and the Ronco Rhinestudder. I was such a deprived child. Never had a big wheel either.


I gotta say, I Love my K-tel Knitter, and everyone I've made blankets for love them.


I have my original K-Tel Knitter from the 70's! I don't know how to knit the real way, and I have tried to learn. The K-Tel is so much faster, and I still use it today.
38 years later and I still love it.

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